Energising Mid Year Team Day

The team are still buzzing and that may be because of the cold showers, the WIM Hof breathing that is now a daily practice or just the energy that we brought to the mid year team day!  When the Vitruvius team rallies and we are all in a room together we take things to a new level (considering the goal of the day was just to have fun!)

As a small business of 30 that works so closely together across our projects, it is important that we all get to have time out and connect with each other.  Last Friday saw everyone together in Wellington and we kicked a whole lot of goals.

Nigel Beach brought us all back to reality with the most entertaining and enlightening workshop around stress, anxiety and living in the modern age of comfort.  He introduced us to Wim Hof and how adding simple practices of breath work and cold exposure can have so many benefits.

We then got down to business with a progress update on our year to date performance as well as discussing opportunities to continually improve.

To round off the day we had a pub quiz with a twist and although it may need to stay private as we are professionals, it included an adventure race and a whole lot of humour!