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Digital Engineering

Technology is a wonderful enabler. Used effectively, it can accelerate the realisation of many benefits. We use our digital engineering expertise to lead clients through their project and achieve efficient, innovative and effective outcomes. 

BIM (building information modelling) and the creation of ‘digital twins’ can capture infinite possibilities and allows us to see our landscape, infrastructure, other assets and human/social interaction through a wider lens. By analysing projects in a digital ecosystem at the planning stage, we can better understand your requirements and produce useful, accurate data to ensure success. 

Vitruvius follows industry best practice and is committed to ongoing research and development to ensure our clients receive the best value from our digital engineering team. In an ever-changing digital world, we are proud to be leaders in this area and are committed to finding agile, cost-effective solutions for every project.

Digital engineering benefits include:

  • Full asset lifecycle analysis, including multiple scenarios, to demonstrate value
  • Enables informed, data-based decision-making
  • Allows visualisation of the asset or project and shows fully integrated infrastructure via a virtual reality model
  • Reduces risk and need for re-work
  • Enables clash detection
  • Better cost management
  • Creates a ‘single source of truth’
  • Creates better understanding among project stakeholders and improves communications
  • Ensures compliance with legislative requirements or council standards
  • Illustrates drainage earthworks, erosion and sediment control