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New Zealand Housing Foundation – 100 Lot Subdivision, Kayelene Place, Omokoroa

Vitruvius has recently joined forces with the New Zealand Housing Foundation (NZHF) in an exciting endeavor – the construction of 100 affordable homes designed to accommodate families. NZHF’s innovative approach enables families to secure a home where they acquire 60% or more of the property while NZHF retains the remainder. Families have the opportunity to purchase the remaining portion of the home over time. NZHF offers comprehensive support in obtaining a mortgage from a bank to help secure their share, and they remain closely connected with the family throughout the process until they have complete ownership.

This project represents Omokoroa’s initial venture into medium-density housing development, which brings unique challenges due to variations from standard council requirements. This demands a tight-knit collaboration with local authorities to ensure full compliance.

Moreover, the project site’s undulating terrain introduces an additional layer of complexity, leading to the construction of numerous retaining walls and terraced housing lots. This necessitates a strong synergy between our team, clients, and various professional services to navigate these challenges successfully.

Vitruvius has shouldered several vital responsibilities, including the Detailed Design phase, Construction Monitoring, and the acquisition of legal titles for the housing lots. It’s a substantial undertaking that we are deeply committed to.

Beyond the intricacies, this project holds immense significance as it serves a noble cause, significantly improving the lives of New Zealand families. It’s a cause that profoundly resonates with our team, and we are enthusiastic about the opportunity to make a positive impact.

Project: 100 Lot Subdivision, Kayelene Place, Omokoroa

Client: New Zealand Housing Foundation

When: April 2023 – Ongoing

Vitruvius Scope: Detailed Design, Engineer to Contract, Engineers Rep, MSQA, Survey, As-building, Procurement, Land Transfer Survey, Project Management, Settlement Monitoring, Advisory Services