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Three Waters

Significant investment is required across New Zealand to renew or upgrade our three waters infrastructure. Changes in our climate, increasing population density and rising sea levels often add additional unfactored costs to these renewals or upgrades. That’s why innovative design and delivery methods are essential to support continued investment in this sector. 

Vitruvius has strong civil design expertise and is capable of delivering innovative three waters infrastructure for both land development and transportation projects.

We specialise in stormwater management including catchment assessment, attenuation, sedimentation management and optimised conveyance, plus a wider a range of three waters services including:

  • Infrastructure resilience advisory
  • Cost-effective stormwater management
  • Catchment and flow analysis
  • Utility detection and underground space modelling
  • Utility negotiations including relocation and betterment
  • Civil design including pump stations
  • Process design for wastewater infrastructure
  • Off-grid community three waters developments