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Links Ave Transformation – Commuter Safety and Connectivity

We are proud to announce our successful involvement in the Links Ave project—a high profile project for Tauranga City Council (TCC). The project was not without its challenges and having faced a number of issues over the past few years Vitruvius was contracted to undertake design and MSQA works of the troubled corridor.   

The corridor along Links Ave is crucial for the local community, particularly with its proximity to several schools and the high volume of pedestrian, cycle, and bus traffic. Recognising this, Vitruvius designed and implemented a shared use area that prioritises safety for cyclists of all ages. This was achieved through the strategic placement of separation islands and hit sticks, ensuring a secure passage for commuters traveling to school and work. 

Throughout design TCC identified the corridor as strategically significant and consequently a dedicated maintenance budget was allocated to comprehensively rehabilitate the pavement with concrete. This enhancement not only strengthens the corridor but also supports the anticipated growth of the bus network and increased bus movements in the future. 

Key achievements of the project include: 

  • Innovative Design Solutions: Incorporating advanced design elements to create a safe and accessible environment for all road users. 
  • Timely Execution: Managing site activities efficiently, including design adaptations and rapid solutions delivery, to meet stringent construction deadlines. 
  • Integrated Approach: Seamlessly integrating pavement rehabilitation and cycleway installation over a 1.3km stretch during a critical two-week school holiday period. 


Project: Links Ave Transformation – Commuter Safety and Connectivity

Client: Tauranga City Council

When: August 2023 – June 2024

Vitruvius Scope: Civil Engineering Design, Project Management, Survey, Transport Engineering