We are a locally owned multi-disciplinary engineering company offering expertise in rail design, transport planning, design and delivery, three water design and development.

Our offices are based in the great cities of Tauranga, Wellington and Auckland – however our services are easily accessible across the motu.

The name ‘Vitruvius’ is synonymous with strength, utility and beauty. When Neil Mason first founded our professional consultancy firm in 2012, he drew inspiration from this famous Roman architect and sought to work on transport and land projects that would stand the test of time and enhance the world in which we live.

We are already well known for our expertise in rail, general transport and three water designs. Our strength lies in the skills and passion of our people and the quality of the relationships we build. We advise, design, manage and deliver interesting projects from inception to perfection. Our clients trust us implicitly to do what’s best for their project and for their communities – not what’s best for ourselves.

We don’t shy away from a challenge – in fact, we thrive on it. We love working closely with clients to solve problems and will always give a straight answer and offer pragmatic solutions. 

We believe like-minded, quality relationships produce better outcomes for our clients. We constantly strive to produce our best work and deliver strong, functional and aesthetically-pleasing results for our New Zealand communities.

Our size provides the best of both worlds. We are small enough to remain agile and responsive, but large enough to partner with other experts and deliver projects on a national scale. We pride ourselves on continuous improvement so we can keep delivering the results needed by our clients and their communities – an offering that we are sure Vitruvius himself would be proud of!

We look forward to partnering with you and making a difference to your project’s end result.

Our Values

Committed to connection. 

Through purposeful alignment, we seek to work with those that value our trusted partnership approach and understand our worth because of it. We seek to be recognised, trusted and then embraced by our clients as an integral component of their business. 

Believe in bravery. 

As a team and as individuals, it is about being brave and inspired, to not shy away from a challenge but to question or communicate what we believe will deliver the best solution-driven outcomes even if it’s difficult to hear or an unexpected pathway. 

Continually improving. 

We value the leadership we bring in all facets. We thrive on continuous improvement, innovation and agility for more efficient and effective outcomes. We strive for the fullest expression of our technical, relational and personal potential. 

Strength in diversity. 

We value the individual skills and expertise that each one of our team members adds. Creating a work environment where people are encouraged to explore and contribute, enables us to collectively do our best work as individuals and together as a wider team. 

Enjoy the adventure. 

We value enjoyment, passion and growth. Our business operates within an environment which makes people want to come to work and engage. A place that promotes, empowers and willingly merges the line between work and adventure. 

Our team of experts