Scott Williamson
Sector Lead - Water & Land

Scott is a Chartered Professional Civil Engineer and joined Vitruvius in 2017.  Since then he has progressively moved through the ranks and was appointed Director in 2019. Scott’s personable style and his complete commitment to delivery has set him up as a recognised and respected leader in the industry.

Scott leads projects from feasibility through to construction across various sectors including three waters infrastructure, transport (rail and roading), land development, urban spaces, as well as providing strategic advisory services to our clients. Scott has a reputation for delivering complex projects successfully, and ensures clients are taken on the project journey and are kept informed throughout. Scott seeks to share knowledge, experience and ideas with our clients, particularly on identifying and managing risk, advising on procurement strategies, managing stakeholders and developing out-of-the-box and best-for-project solutions. Scott is also highly collaborative and capable of leading multi-discipline designs. 

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