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Cameron Rd Utilities Mapping

Cameron Road is one of Tauranga’s main arterial routes with many businesses, schools and the hospital located along it.

Council was successful in securing $45 million for this project from central Government that was part of the Crown Infrastructure Projects (CIP) Initiative to support NZ’s recovery from COVID-19. Primarily this was because the project aligns with the Government’s overarching objectives to support growth, safety, alternate transport choices and create attractive public spaces for the community.

Vitruvius is leading the delivery of this important project via our Programme and Project Management expertise, while also providing Surveying Services & Digital Engineering support. This involves best practice utility modelling to inform the detailed design being done by others. Utility detection is an important step in managing risk for any project looking to modify the footpath or road, with each identified utility reducing the likelihood of service strike during construction. The digital model created by Vitruvius will further provide a ‘virtual twin’ for long-term asset management well after this project is completed.

Project: Futureproofing Cameron Rd

Client: Tauranga City Council

When: 2020

Project Value: $45m Capital Works

Vitruvius Scope: Transport Engineering, Project Management, Surveying Services, and Digital Engineering