Investing in self leadership

One of our Vitruvius values is ‘continually improving’ which we believe all starts with self-leadership. Having the courage and passion to continually strive to do better and taking a lead role to develop and own the change. Leadership doesn’t start at a certain grade or managerial position. We look to all of our team members to take a leadership role within their sphere of influence

One way Vitruvius invests in our employee’s is through the opportunity to undertake a 3 day leadership course with Whakaaro. Whakaaro’s leadership course delivered to Vitruvius is a bespoke program which focuses on development of the whole individual, encompassing their approach to life, work, and whānau, and ultimately enabling their own self-directed leadership journey to unfold.

This program is lead for Vitruvius by Reuben Araroa, the Founder and Director of Whakaaro Inc.  Reuben’s knowledge, approach and delivery is clearly demonstrated by his own success and influenced through the power of storytelling, which is a key tool that is taught through the program.

The program explores the range of different behavioral leadership styles and the application of these styles to the individual situation.  Through understanding your own power of influence and how that influence is a life skill that has the ability to impact and inspire others.

The journey is ongoing, the suitcase of skills and tools that is provided, as well as the connection and vulnerability with the group that undertakes the course together, sets our team up to continually practice and implement a structured approach for self leadership.

If you are interested to hear more, please feel free to contact our General Manager, Kim Brown for her experience or contact Whakaaro directly.