Momentous rail renewal project in the Auckland network

Vitruvius has been supporting the Auckland Rail Network Rebuild (RNR), previously known as RNGIM (Rail Network Growth Impact Management), since its inception. Vitruvius have been able to support the work through a variety of stages due to our strong and efficient technical expertise, built through experience, and our trusted relationships.  Our support to date has encompassed planning, scoping, project and commercial management, Engineer to Contract, track design and construction monitoring. Our key involvement at present relates to the confirmation of required scope and assurance of the delivered work.

The project has driven significant improvements in terms of its planning, processes, safety performance, quality assurance and delivery progress for renewal works such as this. The project has turned a corner in that it has reached agreement with Auckland Transport on the most efficient way to deliver the considerable scope and that relies on closing certain sections of the Auckland Metro rail network for significant periods (months at a time). The first of these Design Access windows (on the North Auckland Line South) will be commencing immediately following the regular summer holiday maintenance BoL (Block of Line) on the 16th of January 2023 and ending late March 2023. This is a first for KiwiRail, Auckland Transport and the New Zealand rail industry to have an extended shutdown of this scale.

The work includes rail and sleeper replacement, a moderate amount of formation renewals but most of the work on the NAL-S (Southern Section of the North Auckland Line) and Onehunga lines will consist of ballast cleaning, ballast excavation, drain forming, drain cleaning and the installation of new subsoil and surface drainage. The sheer amount of work to be done during the first stage of the rebuild can be put into perspective by using some landmarks in the Auckland region. The amount of ballast to be replaced is enough to cover Eden Park’s ground surface layered up to a height of 3m. The length of linear drainage work covers the same distance as crossing the Auckland Harbour Bridge five times.

Vitruvius is extremely proud to have been able to contribute to such a momentous rail renewal project and the positive outcome it will bring to the Auckland network.

This project has further Design Access windows planned into 2024, with most of the future work is focused on formation and drainage.