Raising the bar

Across 2022 we did a lot of reflection on how the Vitruvius business has grown and matured after reaching our 10 year anniversaryOur value of ‘continually improving’ is further reinforced with our decision to develop and go-live with our internal ‘project delivery framework’.  This framework provides the hallmark of quality to consistently deliver through a sound process. 

With a company strategy to ‘raise the bar’, having this project delivery framework sets technical excellence, reliability, credibility and supports stronger client relationships.  This framework will enable our clients to have stronger trust in our services and project outcomes.  

Whilst we already held project delivery tools and processes, there was definite ambition to drive for higher maturity as we look to grow Vitruvius even further, yet still maintaining consistency and enhancing our delivery standard. 

Like many other organisations we faced some common challenges including: 

  • Inconsistency and ambiguity 
  • Limited best practice benchmarking and basis for continual improvement  
  • Systems that were not as clear and simple as they could be. 

With this in mind, the team set out to develop a Project Delivery Framework that would provide the desired benefits:  

  • A standard benchmark demonstrating credibility to our clients 
  • Enterprise-wide access to project information to enables better, more efficient decision making  
  • Controlled empowerment to our team 
  • Clients experience a consistent valued high-quality service 
  • Better project planning to improve outcomes 
  • Drive enhanced upskilling personnel supporting a mature delivery environment 
  • Reduce risk of poor project and commercial outcomes 
  • Efficient onboarding and training in our delivery process demonstrating the Vitruvian way 

Developing the Project Delivery Framework inhouse meant there was the ability to be agile, ensuring that the ‘Vitruvius’ way underpinned our model.  This project was led by Scott Williamson, Sector Lead Water & Land and Bradley Jones, Business Leader with each phase being developed by a different member of our skilled team who are known as the ‘knowledge champion’ of that phase, showcasing the breadth of our capability. 

What is the Project Delivery Framework? It is a single source of our project delivery tools, templates, processes (maps), and guidance which we have broken down into the following project stages. It is a single source of truth for our internal project management system.  

For more information, please contact Bradley Jones, Business Leader.