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Rail Network Growth Impact Management (RNGIM)

KiwiRail have launched the RNGIM project to best prepare for the increased number of rail movements that will occur once the City Rail Link (CRL) opens in late 2024.

The increased demand on the rail network will reduce access for infrastructure maintenance and renewal. RNGIM is designed to accelerate any outstanding capital projects and asset upgrades to help de-risk the network performance and improve resilience before the CRL is commissioned.

This project is prolific and has multiple workstreams and facets. Vitruvius have been involved in the development of the structure of the Catch-Up Renewals delivery process, roles and responsibilities.

Vitruvius’ Managing Director Neil Mason has been engaged as a Strategic Advisor, providing KiwiRail with the strong and determined leadership needed to develop and deliver the strategic elements of a world class rail metro infrastructure environment and network.   Vitruvius offers the benefits of experience and applications from the global rail sector, offering a new perspective which will help ensure a world class performance.

Vitruvius was heavily involved in the delivery of the catch-up renewals programme involving the upgrade of the existing assets

The tasks we are involved with include:

  • Identifying the individual workstreams
  • Development of the programme
  • Frontline project delivery
  • Development of the philosophies
  • Delivery framework and gateway reviews for each workstream
  • Resource management and critical path
  • Business case development
  • Strategic planning

Project: Rail Network Growth Impact Management (RNGIM)
Client: KiwiRail
When: 2019 – Current
Vitruvius Scope: Strategic Advisory, Project Delivery, Rail Infrastructure