Vitruvius Named ‘People & Culture’ Finalist For 2021

We are thrilled to have been recognised as a “People & Culture” finalist at this year’s Tauranga Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.

Vitruvius’ success is built on the relationships we develop with our clients. Our team members are at the heart of this business model, so we invest heavily in ensuring our team enjoys the work they do and the environment they work in.

“We put a lot of effort in ensuring that our team are well supported and have access to everything then need to carry out their work. We set a high benchmark for quality, and we are driven by working amongst other highly competent people that all strive for results and celebrate together when we work hard and achieve,” explains General Manager Kim Brown.

In order to sustain and improve our culture, Vitruvius re-examined its company values last year with the input of our whole team. This was invaluable as our revitalized values are intrinsic to how we operate. Our values make our team feel proud and the external feedback we received is that Vitruvius means business and believes in our people!

Our values are:

  • Committed to connection
  • Believe in bravery
  • Continually improving
  • Strength in diversity
  • Enjoy the adventure

“Our value on enjoying the adventure is because we all want choices,” Kim Brown, General Manager says. “Every day our staff choose Vitruvius as an employer, the clients we work with, and the projects that we work on. There is a lot of empowerment at Vitruvius and this can be daunting but also enlightening. There are no ceilings and only the brave will keep moving forward with us, improving, and driving us to be the best.”

All of our staff have personal development plans which focuses on what they want to get out of their roles, and what will keep them engaged and motivated to achieve. This year we launched a specific wellbeing strategy and have looked in-depth at four key areas: physical health, mental health, social responsibility and our work environment. Each quarter we plan different activities around one of these areas and our staff have thoroughly enjoyed these sessions.

It’s important we invest in our people and as part of our Business Improvement Programme, we look across the entire employee lifecycle to attract, develop, engage and retain. We recognise that all aspects are equally important to be balanced to have a high performing, motivated and competent workforce.

Our culture can be summed up by simply saying ‘it’s the way we do things around here’. Our HR framework, processes, systems, tools of the trade, physical work environment, opportunities to learn and grow, combined with our rituals, relationships, conversations and feelings (of belonging, support, care, connection and friendship) is what makes Vitruvius such a special place to work.

We couldn’t be prouder of our team and being named a finalist at the 2021 Tauranga Business Awards.