Introducing Project Management Plus (PM+)

Projects are becoming more complex, have increasing expectations for the outcomes and benefits they need to deliver, and are being lead by organisations with limited resources and strained capacity. The outcomes shared by our portfolios, programmes and projects such as reducing carbon emissions, expanding housing choice and affordability, achieving transportation equity and improving access, water quality, and environmental impact are creating overlaps, and these inter-dependencies are becoming more critical.

As a result, investment and delivery organisations are looking for a step change in the effectiveness and efficiency of how these portfolios, programme and projects are managed and controlled. Our clients are increasingly asking our highly experienced professionals to help them get clarity and solve problems, establish temporary organisations and introduce more accountable governance and decision-making capabilities, and implement frameworks, processes and controls to keep their portfolios, programmes and projects on track to deliver.

We strive to support our clients so that they can make decisions or provide direction that lets them set off, manage and control:

  • Project Management: Deliver projects well
  • Programme Management: Deliver projects together
  • Portfolio Management: Select and prioritise the right projects

Often problems are not well defined or understood, solutions are not obvious and there are increasing programme and cost pressures involved. In these instances, traditional project management frameworks will not suffice. We don’t shy away from these daunting challenges. We take them on head on, side by side with our clients. These are the opportunities that really have a meaningful impact and demonstrate our value.

Project Management is the application of a process, using experience and knowledge to deliver a goal. Often the environments we come into are dynamic, processes may have a level of ambiguity, and frustrations are arising due to a lack of progress or vacuum of information. This is where instinctive project management is required – where agility, competence, experience, bravery and determination are needed to get things back on track.

We define this service as Project Management ‘Plus’ (PM+).

We are investing heavily in broadening our skills – and most importantly our mindset – to tackle the unique problems we and our clients face every day.

Whether it be gaining Programme Management accreditations such as MSP, Infrastructure Procurement qualifications, or pursuing personal and business leadership growth through Whakaaro leadership programmes, our team is continually improving to become well-rounded engineers, planners, advisors and project management professionals who can offer PM+ on any given project, regardless of sector or scale.

Ultimately Vitruvius strives to raise performance and set up projects for sustained success. Working alongside clients as partners is the key to ensuring this success and we are proud of the long standing relationships that we have formed.

Projects are a journey, a pathway of discovery, where lessons are learned and successes are celebrated. It’s about enjoying the adventure – this is a core value at Vitruvius and is at the heart of


If you would like to learn more about our PM+ offering, get in touch with one of our Business Leaders in Auckland, Wellington or Tauranga. We would love to speak with you.

Auckland          Bradley Jones

Wellington         Antony Cameron

Tauranga           Scott Williamson