Navigating Growth – Our Commitment to the Water Sector

Article written by Scott Williamson – Sector Lead Water & Land

Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, our company growth strategy involves a strong commitment to expanding our capability, influence, and impact in the Water Sector. Our focus will build on recent efforts and continue the growth of a talented and diverse team of water professionals and establish a robust track record for quality delivery and value addition. Water is at the heart of our growth aspirations, playing a crucial role in enhancing environmental, cultural, and economic outcomes for our clients and communities.

Central to our recent progress and successes in the sector is the investment in the growth of our most valuable asset—our people. By fostering a culture of continuous learning, we ensure our teams across Auckland, Tauranga, and Wellington are equipped with the skills necessary to navigate the evolving landscape of the water sector. Proof of this can be seen in Graduate Engineer Ryan Henderson, recent recipient of the Vitruvius values award for ‘Enjoying the Adventure.’ Since joining in 2022, Ryan has embraced the opportunities our water projects have offered him, gaining experience in assessment and investigations, design development, and construction monitoring on a range of three waters and land development projects. Career development is an adventure, and Ryan’s relentless positive attitude and willingness to learn are a testament to the culture we have cultivated.

Taking a bold step towards more regional growth, we’re excited to announce Karly Shields relocation to Gisborne. This strategic move, supported by the expertise of Charlie Sherratt and Kristi Whyte in Tauranga, positions us well to be able to serve the unique needs of the region, particularly following the extreme weather events from earlier this year. This expansion not only broadens our geographical footprint but also underscores our dedication to fostering localised relationships, which has proven invaluable so far.

Our recent appointments to various water, wastewater, and stormwater panels, coupled with new three waters projects with Healthy Waters, have solidified our standing in the water sector. These engagements are true enablers and give us the confidence to invest in our people and navigate the industry with clarity and purpose. With a robust pipeline of projects, we look forward to contributing meaningfully to New Zealand’s improvement of Water outcomes and addressing the large infrastructure deficit, while also building workforce capability in the Sector.

Our journey in the water space is not merely a business venture but a testament to our commitment to environmental stewardship and helping our clients to meet their own objectives. We are very excited to be on this journey and look forward to working with our Water Sector clients and project partners in 2024 and beyond.

Together, let’s seek out innovation and better ways of identifying and solving problems, so we can deliver better water outcomes efficiently and safely, and make real impact.

For more information or to share your ideas and collaborate, contact Scott Williamson, Sector Lead – Water & Land