Insights from our Summer Interns

Article written by Gabby Surtees, Business and Marketing Coordinator

Summer internships at Vitruvius are not about fetching coffee; they’re about hands-on learning, a supportive environment, and breaking down barriers. Our 3 Summer Interns in 2023/2024 share their experiences that transformed their summer into a memorable journey of growth. These have been summarised into three key themes.

Fun filled learning and inclusive Culture

What resonated profoundly in the feedback from our interns was the company culture at Vitruvius. From their first day, they weren’t perceived as interns; they were embraced as integral members of our work family. The warm atmosphere meant they felt genuinely cared for and received help and advice from our entire team, (including our Directors!) which really helped break down the barriers and reinforced our commitment to an inclusive and supportive work environment. The icing on the cake? At this time of year the interns were invited to our annual Christmas Party which was a night away in Taupo, featuring white water rafting, dinner and a spot of karaoke!

“The positive and close-knit culture at Vitruvius was a real stand out for me. It felt like more than just a workplace; it felt like a family where everyone genuinely supports each other.”

Diverse Learning Across Teams:

Our interns had the opportunity to work across many teams within the business – from transport and civil to waters and survey. The breadth of projects exposed them to the internal project management processes, including valuable insights into project initiation and the diverse processes undertaken throughout the project execution. They learnt skills such as the intricacies of stormwater design, asset management, and construction management. From bus bay design and active traffic plans, they built a diverse skill set, far beyond what they initially expected.

“From day one, I was given real responsibilities and trusted to take ownership. It felt like I was truly a part of the team, and not just an Intern”

Expectations Exceeded:

Expecting typical intern tasks, our interns were pleasantly surprised. They found themselves engaged in substantive and impactful work right from the start. The stereotype of typical intern tasks (like fetching coffees) where surpassed, instead they were sent to work completing on-site soakage testing, completing hands-on contributions to design projects and even doing independent site expectations towards the end.

“Before I got there I was expecting I might get a lot of basic intern jobs but that was the complete opposite. I was able to work on projects that aligned with my interests while also being exposed to various new disciplines. The second day I was there I was out on site doing soakage testing and then back in the office to do the calculations”

If you are in your third year of Civil Engineering studies and interested in taking on a Summer Internship at either one of our Auckland, Tauranga or Wellington offices please get in touch with Kim Brown.