Recent Panel Appointments: Enhancing Water Sector Outcomes

Article written by Scott Williamson – Sector Lead Water & Land

Vitruvius is pleased to share our recent appointments onto two consultant panels with Tauranga City Council, bolstering our presence in the Water sector, and enabling us to contribute to improving environmental, resilience and community service outcomes.

The ‘City Waters Professional Services’ panel promotes an integrated delivery approach with both consultants and contractors appointed to work collaboratively, alongside TCC, to deliver a comprehensive programme of potable water and wastewater network upgrades and renewals.

Vitruvius is also proud to have been appointed onto the ‘Stormwater Planning, Modelling and Design’ panel. The panel will support TCC in addressing challenges posed by climate change as well as providing for both greenfield and intensification urban growth.

For Vitruvius, these multi-year panel arrangements present an opportunity to create long-term value for TCC, build strong relationships, serve our community and develop and grow our people. They also support advancements in our initiatives relating to sustainability and giving effect to Te Mana o Te Wai.

With these two panels, TCC has boldly adopted a transformational approach to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of delivery and provide a steady pipeline of work to local industry, while also leveraging the opportunity to deliver a wide range of broader outcomes to the local community.

We are excited for the future of Tauranga and are privileged to be part of making it a more resilient, healthy and safe place to live and thrive.

Our Services in the Water sector:

  • Stormwater planning and design
  • Wastewater network design
  • Water Supply network design
  • Project Management
  • Engineer’s Representative and MSQA

For more information contact Scott Williamson, Sector Lead – Water & Land