Fraser Fleming
Service Leader - Advisory

Fraser is an experienced project manager in predominantly the transport/infrastructure field.  He has also fulfilled programme manager roles and led successful construction projects.

In his 30+ years of experience Fraser has been involved in many projects in the UK and NZ from small transport and traffic assessments to larger business cases (programme and single stage).  His original background in transport modelling stood him in good stead to grow into the wider field of managing elements of multi-modal transport projects that fit together resulting in the best solution for all concerned.  Fraser is not afraid to get his boots dirty and has delivered a number of remedial earthwork projects for local authorities – this involved on site management and stakeholder liaison through to programme development and manager roles.

Fraser works with the client and stakeholder team to identify problems and develop solutions. He thrives working in a growing a team and with contented people to achieve the project delivery.  His number one focus is ensuring an optimal outcome for the clients.

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